Why does my cat sleep with me?

There are several reasons why cats like to sleep with us. While each cat, as well as different people, many households share their bed with their pets.

For us is a relaxing and comfortable to sleep with our cat, but what are its reasons? There are several factors that are responsible to feel comfortable while you sleep in a bed, and the main temperature, comfort, safety and the relationship they have with their human friends.


Cats often seek warm, the rays of the sun entering the room, the blankets, radiators and our neighborhood.Cat seeking warm while resting, and most loves her find in our beds, below or above the covers.


The fact is that cats can fall asleep anywhere, and living separated between 12 and 15 hours on the aktivnost.To means that they sleep a lot more than most mammals and twice as long as men. What I love most is sleeping in the warm, soft and comfortable places. It seems that the bed has all of these characteristics, so it is no surprise that this is their most common choice. Comfort you seek is not only physical, cats in our beds find protection and mental calmness.


Cats are aware of everything going on around them, even though it sometimes seems that calm and peaceful sleep. The loud and unusual noises will encourage them to be careful, and just sleep with them gives us security and peace.

The relationship with us

Intimacy that you build with cats alike depend on us and on them. Regardless of our relationship, if during the day long time away from home because of work and other commitments, will miss her and will use at least a night to be close to us. Sharing a common bed way to show them mutual affection

Should we sleep with cats?

There are many reasons for and against sleeping with cats, which we have already reported earlier. Another reason that is against common sleep is different biorhythm, because cats tend to be active at night which definitely affects the quality of our sleep. Each person has to decide what is best for her, but it is important to strictly stick to that decision and not to change it depending on the capabilities or mood. Cats do not understand why it is allowed, why not allowed if the rules get broken. The hygienic factor is also important, and some rules are necessary to keep.

Daily brushing will avoid the accumulation of hair in the sheets, bed and held clear. Linen is necessary to change once a week and sleepwear should be given special attention. In addition to the constant change, should use detergents that do not harm the health of animals. Laundry detergents and fabric softeners can cause numerous health problems, among which are the most common mouth ulcers, stomach and esophagus. If you want to make sure that your cat will not be compromised, turn the washing machine organically using natural soaps, essential oils and baking soda.

The open bedroom door

Research shows that most people still leave open the bedroom door. They decide to favor, relaxation and comfort with their cats, and point out their advantages neglecting disadvantages. It may seem incredible and strange, but our pets we can learn a lot about sleep habits. People have a number of sleep disorders for which often is and feel exhausted throughout the day. Cats remind us that for healthy sleep and rest needed sense of calm and security.

It is necessary to learn to relax despite the problems or negativity that surrounds us and the cats know it very well. Prevailing situation in moments of caution, and never neglect the importance of peace and rest. In addition to all this, cats are impeccable alarm clock that we serve and morning dose of tenderness which is better than any alarm on your cell phone.

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