The wedding couple invites over a thousand cats as guests

Well, it’s a wedding, many cat lovers would exclaim! Instead of a large number of human guests, invite more than a thousand cats! Of course, it’s possible only in the United States

The wedding was held in the “no kill” cave shelter. If you have not heard of the “no kill shelter” yet, then know that it’s a shelter that takes crawling cats, cats without a home, and keeps them there forever unless they find a new home. None will be euthanized to make room for new cats without home.

The couple who decided to marry in one such shelter came from Canada. They both traveled around the world, met and fall in love, and as a place to perpetuate their love they chose a shelter in California where they live so many cats. They did not have almost any person of human kind. She had a white dress, a gray suit. For the wedding they chose a recent Tuesday. They wanted a day to remember, and again everything that was easier. The cat shelter as a ceremony was a perfect place for something like this.

The young bride says, “We are both animal lovers. We wanted a special day. We wanted a day where we would be close to our personal values.”

And so they married in a shelter called The Cat House on the Kings, which stretches to 12 rally countries and is the largest cave shelter for cats across the United States. Should it be noted that although the shelter has existed for more than 20 years, this was the first wedding held there?

About 24,000 cats, 7,000 dogs, and some 40,000 animals of all kinds have been sterilized since the spawning. The owner of the shelters actually transformed their property into an animal shelter and completely subjugated their lives.

See also the videos about this unusual wedding celebration:

The young married couple made fascinating photos of their wedding on which the two of them and, of course, cats, and liked to share them on social networks.

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