Welcome into the Cat World

Numerous situations in which people are surprised after a certain mood, movement or sound of their cats. If you just started living with a cat, surely every situation is new and inexplicable

You may be attributed to the typical behavior of a cats, but researchers have discovered, after many years of study and analysis, that everything has its own deeper meaning.

People are most likely to behave like animals towards another human being, ignoring natural instincts and ways of living that are genetically predestined. You may have her affection interpreted in the wrong way as well as showing your own. It takes some time for research to explain what lies in their heads. During a coexistence, we learn a lot from each other, but still many questions remain unanswered.

Before the cat comes to the house, you need to be informed of all the possible situations you can go through in order to make your life as comfortable as possible. It would add to it and make it more understandable, because it is a fact that we do not speak the same language, but we are trying to understand it. To understand your pet and maybe learn some cat tricks, watch it everyday. Aside from revealing something new every day, you will envision a whole new world and way of understanding. A kiss kiss While you are watching your cat during the day, you will notice a variety of faces on her face. The cat shows its attachment in different ways, and one of these is the so-called Kiss kiss.

Your pet takes you right next to you, starts blinking slowly, almost as if it makes you smile. This act is called a kiss kiss, and such a gesture is usually a sign of friendship and a way for your cat to show how pleasant she is with you.The same thing can be noticed among a group of cats that are close to each other. Swinging or kissing kisses show that they are comfortable with the rest of the group. The next time you notice this gesture, repent by blinking your cat. That way, you will turn to her in the sword language and show her how much you are attached to her.

Studying your cat, you probably seen that your cat uses one of his legs while approaching an unknown object and almost tries to control it. In the same way, a lot of cats love to push objects from the table or objects they find on their way. They raise their leg in the air as if they would pardon the subject, but the intention is actually completely different.

Throwing items is fun, even when you say “no”, they decide for their decision. Cats are animals that are very knowledgeable with their claws and use them to touch whatever they consider it necessary to explore and to get to know each other more closely. In the same way they use the so-called Exploratory leg, touch you, to get some attention. It is interesting to note that there are cats and pigs, and that their exploratory legs are always from the same direction. In this regard, we can conclude that some cats prefer the left and the other right.

Opening the mouth

People who are not accustomed to coexistence with a cat, misunderstand certain spotty cat. Among them is the opening of the mouth which is interpreted as a show of disgust. The cat thus detects the scents that surround it, but that does not mean they are uncomfortable for her.

The animal actually uses an organ that people do not have, and it is a vomeronasal or Jakobson body. This organ is in the mouth of the cat, just behind the forearms, which is why the cat opened its mouth. The air enters the mouth, and the animal thus analyzes and identifies substances in the air as well as certain hormones. The grimace that he makes is called Flemen reflex. Once the scents through the tongue reach the Jakobson organ, the nose travels to the hypothalamus. Professors at the Faculty of Biological Sciences in Moscow have come up with a lot of knowledge about Jakobson body, which, besides mentioned, serves to spice food, pheromones, as well as to anticipate a certain situation that will occur.

The upright tail 

The upright tail of the gesticulation of joy and friendship with cats is certainly raised, upright tail. They are not like dogs who are waiting for their owners to wiggle their pony, but their excitement will be shown with an upright tail. This is a safe sight to be received at home everyday after you finish your working day. Namely, underneath the cat’s tail are the glands that serve them for identification, while the tall, raised tail call to friendship. It is interesting to note that the cats are one of the few animals that can walk, and the tail keeps straight, without moving.

Nose licking

If your cat lays your nose, it’s a gesture that shows a kind of negation. When the cat takes that movement, it means something to her.This does not have to mean something negative, nor is it a sign of anger or a potential aggressive reaction, but just a sign that you want to stop doing what you are about to do at the moment. Let’s say you started kissing your cat, and noticed he started licking his nose. The cat is trying to say that it is better not to continue this action. However, do not make this expression change with licking after meals, as these are two unrelated things. The cat wears lips and nose every day to clean it after a meal.

Lowered Ears

Cat Ears are incredibly movable, especially when trying to figure out the origin of the sounds in their surroundings. They can turn 180 degrees, but there is a certain mobility that suggests their mood. The position many people call “aerial ears” when they are positioned downwards, and are most often a sign of helplessness and fear. If the ears are down, but folded backwards, this may indicate anger and willingness to attack.


The cats are shaking their heads from everything surrounding them. People, furniture, everything that moves and what is static through the glands in their cheeks leave their scent, and rubbing points to the approval of everything that is around her, including you. So you like her and consider you a friend.

Waving the Tail

Certainly you have often experienced that you feel the waving of the tail while your cat is sitting in his lap. The same reaction happens if you look into something out of the window or notice another cat. A rapid beet movement can point to a few things, depending on the situation. A relaxed cat does not move his tail. Rattling the tail is usually a sign of excitement or potential aggression if you find something that you do not like. Sometimes the tip of the tail begins to move slowly and slowly, indicating that they are focused on evaluating something in their vicinity.


What most cats are doing, and the owners love the scratch. They do not work to bother you, it's about an ubiquitous form of territorial marking. Cat scratch photo As we mentioned earlier, claws have certain glands that leave scents. In addition, they keep the muscles in shape. It is important for a cat to have as many places as possible in the house where he can squeeze his claws, otherwise he will start working in places that will not suit you. Unusual Sounds Sounds that are difficult to explain or compare, the cat most often produces when it sees a potential threat.Voting begins right before the attack, and most often it is told by the birds on the window or flies that went into the room. Such behavior is accompanied by a fixed view that does not let the prey out of sight and sighs that are a sign of its frustration.

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