Scientists discovered the five most common cat personalities

Australian scientists recorded nearly 3,000 cats behavior and, based on this extensive research, they concluded that cat personalities, similar to those of humans, can be divided into five most common categories, namely: 1. plaque; 2. Open; 3. dominant; 4. spontaneous and 5. friendly

Scientists say research findings are surprising, not to the extent of the cat’s personality, but because most of the human personalities can be divided into five major categories, so some of the human and cat’s personality categories overlap.

Cracking in cats is actually neuroscience in humans, openness is what people are extroverted, and friendly behavior is actually in people’s character that easily agrees with everything around them. The biggest difference in the character of the cat with regard to humans is in fact dominance and spontaneity, says Dr. Roetman, who led this interesting research.

Another important thing during this research is the difference between cats going out and those that are permanently closed. In the end it turned out that the cats are only slightly friendly in their minds of those who are free to go out. The survey was conducted through questionnaires, 52, to which cats owners responded, as well as workers in shelter for abandoned cats. The form is still on the Internet and can be filled by anyone who wants it, and it takes about 25 minutes to complete it.

And here’s what in the research they learned about the cat’s personality

1. Dominant cat

Aggressive to other cats, it is a true bully. It is difficult to have any other cat beside her. She is a boss and does not endure anybody else. If your cat is this, you will find it difficult to bring another cat in the family.

2. Spontaneous

Cat Impulse, Wailing Sometimes it does not exist, sometimes even days, and then comes back like fallen from the sky. Think about something in your neighborhood that encourages you to do so.

3. An open cat

Curious and very active. If you have this cat, you wonder what the cats can do for 16 hours a day. Consider introducing different toys to entertain or dedicate more time to play.

4. Friendly cat-like cat

Attracted to you and friendly to all people It’s very easy to adapt to anything, especially to new family members and everyone who comes to your household.

5. Pure cat

It is anxious and afraid of humans and animals. This cat is easily afraid, sometimes you do not know what. It is a good idea to have enough space to hide in your home, and also to make no stress more than you need.

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