Los Angeles permanently banned the sale of cats in pet shops

The American city of Los Angeles a few years ago made a temporary ban on selling cats, but also dogs and rabbit in five shops

The prohibition was due to expire at the end of June this year, but before this happened, the city authorities prolonged the ban or declared it a permanent one! Lucky for all the animal guardians, but also the tugged animals from the farm.

It has been discovered that bred cats, or cats always to be treated with the same type in order to obtain purebred breeds and then sell them in pet shops, often live in terrible conditions. Owners do not care about them, they actually treat them as things they are used to make money.

Two cases from official breeding farms of purebred cats that were sold in five shops were sabotaged by Los Angeles. One breeding ground was Maine Coon, and the owners found 42 cats in cages, at a very low temperature, most of them sick and infected with parasites.

The second farm was a Ragdoll type, and the authorities seized 323 cats, of which 177 had to be euthanized because of a bad health condition.

Worse still, during the search, the police found the so called “death chamber” in which those cats that were in transit were thrown out to be sold and left to die among the bodies of other dead cats.

During the temporary ban on cats selling five pet shops in Los Angeles, five shops turned more to local shelters and abandoned cats and helped them in their homework, a far more noble and sustainable solution.

For the sake of reducing the suffering of animals and assisting in the abandonment of abandoned animals, the ban on selling cats in five shops was introduced for a long time. We just hope that other world cities will follow this example so that we can all live in a happier world with less suffering!

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