A Japanese spa offers a massage performed by a cat

Puppy cafes or cafes where you can drink coffee or juice at the same time, with which cats that live there are a real hit in the world, and the idea was born in Japan

Now, we are introducing another unusual idea to the cats coming again from the Earth of the Outgoing Sun, and it might well be that this is another trend that will smack the world.

Namely, in that state there is a spa salon where, among other treatments for beauty and relaxation, you can also enjoy the cat massage. More specifically, we all know that cats love to “knead” on blankets on the bed or on the wings of their owner. Their ability to mix with the caps is used in this spa salon, so the cat shakes the client’s back and weighs it.

As far as it is known, a cat is currently employed, and it is quite certain that the Japanese spa salon will have to hire more cats to make a big claim to this service. You can check in on the following video yourself:

Those who have tried the cat’s massage say that although they can not control the pressure of the catfish (ie, seek pressure to increase, decrease, accelerate or slow down), it is undeniably the best and most refined back massage they have tried and which can not compete with either A human-looking massage.

What to add to this fun story rather than how we hope that somebody in Our Beauty will finally start attracting tourists to cat cafes and maybe even cat masks! Just remember the massage corner on numerous world beaches, and now imagine that you see the cat in the back looking like someone else’s back. You’d be right in the line for such a massage, right?

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