Get ready for the invention of the century! Wine for cats was invented!

All the owners who like to enjoy the company in a glass of wine, and under “society” usually think of their cat or several of them, can now without a guilty conscience enjoy the wine that is good for them and for cats!

Apollo Peak from Colorado in the United States invented wine for cats. There are currently two types of wine, called “Pinot Meow” and “The MosCATo” and unlike classic wine, there are no grapes or alcohols, and the basic ingredients of these unusual drinks are cat’s mints and cycles .”Pinot Meow” is a black kind of wine, while “The MosCATo” is a white kind of wine for cats.

Wine for cats

The trial sample price is $ 4.95, while 2.5dl is worth $ 11.95. A pretty expensive drink, right? It is recommended that these caviar wines serve at room temperature as cats do not like cold.

If you already know from experience how a glass of red wine works on you, you may wonder after that how the cat’s wine will act on cats. The company’s official website has the following explanation:

“Depending on how much cat is drinking, the effect of this wine is different. As soon as a cat whispering a cat’s mint becomes more active and more playable. But it’s different when it’s in the digestive system, then the cat gets softer and smoother so this wine can help with the crazy night of your cats and you!”

Apollo Peak was born last year to create healthy pet foods because they adore them, just as every owner loves their pet. Soon they started to work on the first wine for cats and have been launched into the world these days. It looks like all the ingredients obtained from local farms. At the moment, they are most advertised on Instagram.

How do you like the idea of wine for cats? Would you ever order it and give your cat to drink it?

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