Why do cats leave home?

Cats often leave their home, and many are never coming back. Animals go even when they are well taken care of, and owners do not know why such situations are happening. Take a lot of time to think and search for your pets, but many times without success and return.

To reduce the risk of such cases, it is necessary to detect the places that cats visit after leaving their home and why they do it. There are several different reasons that your cats can point you to escape from home, most often the period of the year when you are intensively looking for a partner or partner for mating, a curious cat that wants to explore the environment or the one seeking independence.

Mating time

The cat looking for a partner will surely find a way to get out of the house. It takes only a moment of ignorance, an open window or door that the cat will use to escape. When their desire is at its peak, the main aim of the cat is to find a partner only and will do everything in that way to succeed. Since cats are sexually mature at very early age, since the fourth or fifth month of their life, you need to be careful. In case you have males, the reasons for the escape will be the same. If he smells the scent of a nearby woman, they will go looking for them.To avoid such situations, educate yourself in time and consult a veterinarian regarding sterilization or castration.

Researching and familiarizing the environment

Cats are naturally curious animals who like to discover new places. Surrounding the environment, they left them home, and in that group of cats are those who are sterilized. At some point, you may want to explore the neighborhood or see other cats you want to meet. In this case, the cat usually returns home for several hours or decides to be away from home for two to three days.

The desire for an independent life

Independence is usually human, but it is possible that the same desire is also shared with cats. There are cats of extremely strong personality who have very clear ideas about how they would like to live. Although such cases are rare, cats love and want freedom regardless of the good living conditions in the family. As much as you try to return home, she will always find a way to go back and show you that freedom is her choice. Such stories are interesting because they show us the other side of the cat’s personality and the need for our own inner world. Although we sometimes do not understand them, cats have their own desires and needs that we must respect.

The cat left the house and no longer came back

There are many cases in which the cat has not returned to her since leaving her home. During your journey you may experience an accident or eat something poisonous after which you die. Even in just a few hours outside the house, something unpleasant can happen, and your pet will never come home again. Although owners always hope and seek their cat, the fact is that bad things are happening on the street and that they should be more careful in the future. Look at your cat as an equal member of the family and protect it in all ways so as not to leave your home without reimbursement.

Will the cat come back?

There are many reasons why a cat wants to leave her home for at least a while. In most cases, they come back after a few hours or days. Cats know very well the way to their home, especially those who are used to being on the street. If your cat has grown up in the home and is accustomed to living indoors, he does not know his surroundings and neighborhood. Then disorientation can take place, and return home might take a long time. When it comes back, it is desirable to bathe the cat and check if there are fleas or other parasites. If it’s been more than a day and your cat does not come back, prepare posters with her recent photo, physical description, address, or missing area. Maybe someone in the neighborhood noticed her and in time she could get her back home.

How to avoid departing from home?

Sometimes we are not aware of how the cat's mind works and what its reasons for fleeing from home. To prevent her from leaving and risking her never return to her home, certain precautions must be taken. One of the most important items is certainly sterilization, ie castration if it is a male. So you do not just prevent the escape from home at the time of mating, but you can avoid too many cats and their abandonment, which is today a big problem around the world. The usual way to escape cats from home or apartment is through an open window.

While you clean an apartment or open it for ventilation, you can forget about your pet that will attract attention to such a sight. In order to avoid similar situations, it is best to buy a window guard that is sold in all pet stores. In addition to the windows, the front doors are also critical, so pay close attention to their closure after entering and leaving the house. The cat will use the open door to escape, and it will do so at a time when you will not be able to stop or stop. All family members must be responsible and respect the rules to protect the cat from escaping.

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