Why Cats Hate Car Rides (Explained)

Most owners will confirm that their pet is not really crazy about driving in the car. Cats, unlike dogs, do not enjoy this experience.

Although we can not say with complete certainty why cats do not like being your companions in the car, we know some of their features that can help us understand why it is so.

Cats are primarily slaves routines, which is part of her legacy. It is believed that the domestic cat is a descendant of a small wild breed from the Middle East (Felis silvestris lybica).

This cat is known for its lonely life and is very territorial, and it is a day-to-day routine like visiting their private area to fix things up.


The denying of our cats to go for a drive is just an instinctive reaction caused by the change in its schedule. The cats, just like humans, are subject to stress in unusual and unpleasant situations.

It is pretty common to get a cat back while driving, which many attribute to nausea from traveling. Although a certain number of cats really suffer from nausea in the run, most of them will regurgitate or make great nerves and fears.

This is a common and common occurrence in labile cats, so it is advisable to put a floor cloth or the like on the bottom of the transport box.

In no case do not leave the cat out of the transport box while driving. In this way, bring yourself and other traffic participants into danger!

The scientists say that your distressed pet will help a lot if you are calm. If possible, be alongside the cat and calm it or knock it down while someone else is driving.

Distraction is as always the key to solving the fear of your distressed cat.

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