Big love for the teenager who came to the prom night with his cat!

We all know what is like to be a teenager, especially when time comes for the prom night. Then you pick the best suit, dress, hair cut, but also a partner.

For this teenager the last decision for the prom night came very easy, because he went to his prom with his cat: “On his prom night my brother took his cat, because he couldn’t find a prom date” – his sister Carolina wrote on the social network.

They both are wearing a ceremony suits, and the comments didn’t stopped weeks after. This is one unusual story that speaks about how much love an owner can have for his cat. His bow tie and her dress are perfectly match, and her look on the photo exactly tells how strong is her love for him. We congratulate him for the choice of his partner, and we hope that they won the title “BEST COUPLE”!

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