Cat named Hope shot in the back, fighting for his life! Be aware of the real beasts-humans!

This sad story is coming from Europe…

Our everyday life is surrounded by human beasts, people for who moral values are a theme from science fiction movies. How time passes away that beasts are becoming more and more ruthless. We are witnesses of a large number of animal abuse, many of them are dog and cat abuse. This story is about a cat named Hope who is a victim of a human monster and his friends who literally shot him with an air gun in the back. The bullet stops beside the cat’s spine and now he is in critical condition, fighting for his life.

Surgery was done by an excellent vet and now the time will show if Hope will survive this part of his life.

We spoke with Monica, the girl who saved the cat, the girl with the biggest heart in the world, one of the members of the Animal Rescue Team, she was devastated:

“Be afraid! Be afraid of the beasts, of the people without a single gram of conscience, who are existing on this planet just to make damage. This kind of horror we see in our everyday life. We picked up dead bodies from the streets, sick animals, and we watched how they were choking on their own blood, we cried while they were suffering… we saw too much, we rescued a big number of them, but this time the battle is very hard. Is there someone to see what is really going on? We found this cat at 4 am 2 days ago laying in the bushes beside a very busy street, where he was breathing very hard. First I saw that bloody box and I heard a voice crying for help from the bottom of the heart, and when I picked him up he stopped crying. We took him to the vet and then after the x-ray, we realized that the cat was shot in the spine.”

“Chances for him to survive are equal to 0, the bullet from the air gun was penetrated in the spine, but we did everything to stabilize the situation and make a surgery. Just a psychopath can do something like this to somebody that is not enough strong to stand up for himself. But for that kind of people karma is the only punishment. I named him Hope because that is the only name that comes to my mind for the situation that he is in, and I hope that he will survive. The bill for all that rescuing that we made is getting very high, but I know that we will rescue this one like many that we rescued. All of you that you want to help us like you always do, I am thankful with all my heart. Do not leave us this time.”

Hope survived the surgery but he is still in a bad condition, fighting for his life. Thank you for reading this story and we will inform you about Hope’s condition in a few days… PRAY FOR HIM…

For now, they did 7 x-rays that cost 70$, the surgery cost another 100$ and the expenses for the therapy cost about 10$ a day. Donate at your will on this address: [email protected]

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